Friday, February 29, 2008

Reveal (at last!)

Here's the definition of "anticlimactic". Our renovation is now (almost) complete. I still need to build brackets for the background drops in the posing area. But , other than that, we're ready to invite clients in to the new studio/showroom. Our goal was to create a space that is comfortable and that allows us to interact with our clients with minimal distraction - focusing on our work. Did we get 'er done?


Amy said...

Very gray, but jason says that's good for looking neutral. I like the couch and the love seat.Our coffe table is similar. Wow, great minds think alike! If you need an extra shooter, I have lots of vacation time to burn.

jhitesma said...

Like the look, should do well for showing off your work. And like Amy said that table looks very similar to our new one. So did my idea for the panels work out or did you go with a different method?

(Christopher) said...

wow, that studio front looks great.

I found your blog by accident and was just kinda browsing. I also own a studio, so I know how grueling the decorating process can be.

it looks great though!

Tim said...

Christopher -

Thanks for the feedback. Good luck with your own venture as well.